Monday, July 20, 2009

News That is Sparky

I found out today that Good Girls Studio is going to be in her very first runway Fashion Show! I've teamed up with Revamp to accessorize her models in this years fashionSPARK fashion show! It's put on by SparkCon : (in their own words)

SPARKcon is a showcase of creativity, talent and ideas of “The Creative Hub of the South,” the Triangle NC.

Sooo excited! I'm picturing even bigger, bolder necklaces! I'll keep you posted :)

I designed a few new pieces this weekend...

...the votes were tallied
...she held her breath.
Victory was theirs!
She couldn't wait to move into the mansion
& show off her new found status!
(available here)



...surrounded by beauty,
she looked down at her own nakedness
...& became the worlds first fashion designer!

...fig leaves, the original organic clothing ;)

(available here)


Still trying to put together some more
Fall Transitional Jewelry to debut at the
Summer Love Trunk Show this Thurs.
(you didn't forget did you!?!)

I have a few more tricks up my sleeve
(& by tricks I mean news & by sleeves I mean...sleeves??)

but I'm waiting on some closure so stay tuned!

**Quick questions for you birds**
Do you enjoy my GWP (gift with purchase for you non-retail junkies)of coordinating earrings with every necklace purchase? I was thinking of making it a standard giveaway whenever there wasn't a sale going on but I don't want to do it if customers are like "why did I get earrings, I bought a necklace? If I wanted earrings I would have bought some!" . Am I over thinking this?

Also...are you on Facebook ?? I am ! You can find my Fan Page right here! Leave yours in the comments so I can become your No1 fan too! (not in a scary SWF way though haha)


I'll leave you birds with this ditty from my wee child {who is recovering quite nicely} (thank you all so kindly for you kind words & well wishes for the boy!)

Showing Tyler some charcoal sketches I did in high school...

Tyler: "mom, was everything in black & white when you were a kid?"

Tyler: "mom, why are you puting your drawings away, mom...MOM...MOOOOM!?!"

:) in all honesty, he wasn't trying to be a punk & imply that I am older than dirt but that's right in line with when he asked me :

Tyler: "mom, were you alive when hairbrushes were invented?"

Again, not sure if he's implying I need to brush my hair or that I am just old :)

Sleep tight my birdlings,
(& don't let the bed bugs bite)



RosyRevolver said...

ooooohhhhh . . . I might need to get me a better look on Thursday at the little Eden lovely . . . if you still have her!! Adore the new work! And laughed out loud (startling the cats) at your son's remarks. So! That's what I've got to look forward to, huh? : )

Good Girls Studio said...

Indeed, after they start talking you just can't shut them up! :)

Hope you can make it Thurs., I'd love to meet you!

Kate said...

I want to hang out with your son. He seems like good people.

Good Girls Studio said...

Kate, he would reinforce you decision to NOT have kids ;) hahaha. No, he really is a sweety momma's boy...just full of it like his ma!