Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursdays Thriftiness

Greetings from my local antique mall!

~I tweet for birds! ~
(I couldn't help myself, a vintage lampwork bird/pincushion holder for $3!)

I scored big time this trip!!
I'm so excited that I won't even mention the $15 I had to spend
on a plate that someone who shall remain nameless
broke ; )

My favorite score (aside from the bird of course!)
is this little dudette...

She just makes me grin :)
I bought her & I thought it was a brooch but it's actually a barrette! Can you believe someone actually wore this in their hair!?! It's rather large (3"s'ish) & will go quite nicely on one my revamped collage pieces!

This butterfly is soo fantastical that even before I saw the price tag I knew she would have to be mine! The bottom wings flutter about when you move & she's all glinty from the glitter !

In case you thought I forgot,
I did manage to update the shop with

...they used to dance in the summer rain,
twirling & laughing together until they were completely soaked.
50 years later they sit on the porch,
rocker to rocker,
holding hands & watching the rain fall from their dry perch...
(you may peak at her here)

The latest Backstabber was snatched up this week so I whipped up a few more...

~Backstabber No5~
...can't we all just get along ;)
(available here)

& this one shall be in the shop soon...
~Backstabber No6~

What have you birds been up to? In between working , T & I have been lounging at my parents pool, baking snickerdoodle cookies from scratch & basically just spending entirely way too much time together ;)

Our typical day goes like this : "mooooom... (dramatic pause) are you done with the computer so we can go swim?" & this "Mooooooom, are done making jewry (he still cna't say jewelry for some reason & I haven't corrected him becuase I think it's quite humorous & I know I'm already NOT up for the mom of the year award so hurumph) so we go to the pool!?!" with a bit of this thrown in "Mooooooooooooooooom, I'm hungry!!!"

Why did I not sign him up for camp!?! Oh yes, because I also get a lot of this all day..."mom you make the best jewry!" & this "mom you are soo pretty!" & this too "I love you " & also lots of hugs & kisses! I really shouldn't complain!...I'm off to tuck him into bed!

'Nite Nite,


Kate said...

Awww, he sounds so adorable. Almost makes me regret my decision to not have kids of my own. NOT!

Seriously, though, I love the way you talk about him. You guys sound like a great team, and he sounds like such a sweet kid! Lucky gal!

Good Girls Studio said...

how about I just send him to you for the summer :) He's great at cleaning ...& sales too, he's a great salesman. Let me see how much it would be to UPS him on over ;)