Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Lady Of Many Hats

Playing in the hat department to liven up a day of bra shopping ;)

Aren't they fantastical!?!

Some new luxe collage jewelry ready to make an appearance Thursday night

~Good Day Sunshine~
{insert Beatles song here}

~My Fair Lady~

…always independent, she didn’t need a man to treat her like her queen,

she WAS a Lady & had no need for men or there approval.



Don't forget to come out & see me tomorrow night if you're in the area!



Kate said...

Gotta love bra shopping. I'll do anything to keep those babies down. Mine, that is. i don't know anything about yours. heh.

Good Girls Studio said...

yes, please keep yours down & away from me : )It was sports bra shopping which makes it even more fun {whoopie}!