Monday, May 18, 2009

Knockabout With Knockabout

As you may have heard (or maybe not) RebusFest was canceled due to stupid rain. The plants were happy, the people were not. {poo} It was rescheduled for May 31st so for those of you that couldn't make it before, perhaps you can join me then! Anyways, I had a lovely post all planned out to show you pictures of the fun day at an event that didn't happen so instead {drum roll please} how about taking a tour of a little shop that carries my jewelry line! Fun Fun!

~Here we are at Knockabout!~
They're open! Shall we go in!?!

Looky...Michelle's Peculiar Pets!
(don't you just want to hug them!)
She also makes these rock'n fabric "paintings"!
(I dated Bob over in the corner for quite a while!)
{He is indeed a confirmed bachelor :)hehehee }
Ohh & my friend Gabbies cute Koi paintings & chicken onsies!
Shall we have drink or two!?!
& what's that...
That's my lovely table of goodies!
(if it mysteriously disappeared from the shop it probably came over here for a visit!)

I should better go home before I'm tempted to buy something !

I did manage to squeeze some work in today!
A little shop update with these ladies of the night...
~Summer Love'n~

A few more lariats & other necklaces to add as well, but I must feed the boy a snack & run to the grocery!


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Kate said...

Bummer about the change of plans, but I'm glad they're making it up to you. Love this post, by the way. It's always fun to see other people's shops.