Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big Pun

Good morning chickadees! Did you have a lovely weekend? Mine was spent helping my mom demo her kitchen & in hopes of speeding along the remodel we busted out the sledgehammer :) Debris was flying & I apparently found my new calling in life...you can call me "The Punisher" from now on! Big Pun for short ;)

I seem to have a crazed look in my eyes! (hahaha)

Sooo much fun breaking things!
(who needs a therapist when you have a sledgehammer & crow bar!?!)

I also managed to whip a few new pretties
....meet the Pixies!

They remind me of little forest sprites flitting about the flowers {flit flit} :)

I'd also like you to meet The Bag Lady!
... Clutched tightly under her arm, her handbag was never far. Every so often she'd reach in & with her long fingers she's slowly pull out some candy, or a comb, trinkets for the children, pens and crayons and even food for the birds! She'd sit on the bench pulling things out of that bag all day as if it was a bottomless hole, a portal of sorts, where one could just reach in & pull out whatever they liked...
They shall all make an appearance in le shop later this afternoon.

'till next time...

PS...do you like the new banner??

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