Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Test Shoot

Jaime has started the test shoot for my jewelry & since I haven't actually sent her any of my pieces she is using the bracelet she bought from me this past Fall.

Here is the first round with beautiful model Suzanne Berhow.

Which is you favorite??
Jaime is soo fantastic & I'm can hardly contain my excitement over this! I'm trying to get to Tampa next month to be there for some of the shoots. I think I've decided on at least 3 distinct looks : hippyish (think Free People ad) with the floral pieces, rock 'n rollish with the Looking Glass necklaces, and a romantic layered (Anthropology'ish) look with the reworked vintage brass victorian pieces . Any thoughts or ideas??? I can't wait to see how this turns out :)
You can check out more of Jaimes work at

Are you birds enjoying your week thus far?? I went over to Chapel Hill yesterday with a friend to scout out retail shops for the line. I may have worked something out...I'll let you in on it once it's finalized :) I had about 3 hours of sleep last night so I think I might plow through some work & head to bed for a nap! (FYI Changeling is scary & a bit gory ...I do not reccomend watching it before heading to bed! Seriously kept getting up to check on the boy & had nightmares! Sheesh!)

Happy Thoughts,


Kate said...

I like the second one best. Why aren't you modeling?

My heart fluttered a little bit when you mentioned Chapel Hill. Eric Bachmann, my favorite musician of all time, and the man I write about frequently on the old blog, spent a good chunk of his life in Chapel Hill.

And yes, I am a stalker.

Good Girls Studio said...

ummm...because I'm not a model :)

Stalk on stalker !

Kate said...

You do a lovely job here on the blog! someday I'll hire you to be my model. heh.

Oh, stalking this man is what I do best. I'm just glad he's still willing to talk to me.

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