Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Blooms

It was rainy & cold all day today...normally my favorite kind of day (especially conducive for napping!) but today I was wishing for Spring. Flowers more specifically!

Introducing the first blooms for the upcoming season...

Aptly named First Blooms

(Available here)

New styles for Spring (reminiscent of these) coming soon!
You'll be seeing bold sunshiny yellow, more white & bright pinks! Fun Fun :)

What have you birds been up to?? T & I have watched HSM 3 about don't tell) 5x's now : ) No worries though because he has managed to get his homework done & not only did I make some new jewelry, I've already taken the pictures (& done the editing!) so you'll be seeing more goodies tomorrow! Although I can't get the theme music out of my head (hmm..maybe that's because someone downloaded the soundtrack on my ipod!) : )

Happy Hump Day,
J to the O


Kate said...

Love it, of course. I also love the neckline of the shirt you're wearing in the photo. Brand? Must have one in every color.

Good Girls Studio said...

Thanks Kate. The shirt is a Target brand wife beater. They are on clearance right now for around $3! I grabbed a handful of them : )

Kate said...

Men's or women's? I may have to take a detour on the way home and buy some.

Good Girls Studio said...

Womens on the 50% off rack ..hurry hurry!

Katie Runnels said...

Wow! GOrgeous Piece!! xo

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