Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thoughts on Humility

Thoughts on Humility
Wherein Johanna eats humble pie...

~Through The Looking Glass Luxe~
I've tinkered with the design in this series &I am soo excited with how it has turned out! Lately I've been feeling rushed when designing, trying to get enough new goodies made to fill the shop & to take my holiday trunk shows. Creative juices had dried up...I'd sit and stare at my treasures and they had stopped speaking to me. No longer telling me how they fit together, teasing me with their stories....& then

...the solder flowed and the past was connected to the present in a burst of creative overflow.
I am soo proud of me! (am I allowed to say that!?!) I felt freer once these were completed. Refreshed and ready to conquer the next trunk show (which is Sat. BTW).

As I was basking in the glory of my creations my mom stopped by. The true test of a new design (she is NOT biased & is always trying to shine up my vintage treasures & give me her advice)! She looved it! She calls me the Fashion Natzi, tells me that I am always soo fashionable and creative!

...& then she tells me to not get a big head
...& she hands me this...

~A big fat slice of Humble Pie!~
Peace Out Girl Scout!

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Sunny Rising Leather said...

Ah, Mothers :) Beautiful necklace!!!