Monday, December 22, 2008

Ho Ho Ho....'d Out!

A Weekend in Pictures
...wherein the good girl gets pooped out!

Pepperminty Cupcakes yummy the birds came in for a nibble!

The 3rd Tree I've decorated this year!
...I've decorated yet another since this!
My parents had a late start getting Christmas together
at their house so I pitched in.
2 (in the parents house)
1(outside their house)
1(my house)
= Oh Christmas Treed Out!

~Playing with the mirror & Elf'ish ears~

~Christmas Bark~
This recipe is courtesy of Martha & can be found right here!
I, not being capable of following directions,
doubled the amount of white chocolate & added more peanuts than it called for.
~Peppermint Christmas Bark~
Same Martha recipe but I used Andes Peppermint chips instead of the white chocolate & added crushed up candy canes.
Yummmmmmyyy! These went real fast!
(BTW, this recipe doesn't make a lot...I thought it would be enough to package up for about 12 people between the 2 flavors but it ended up being about 6 generous packages)
Cute Winterbark wrappers courtesy of Martha as well.
I just wrapped them in waxed paper & popped on the label.

My mom brought back my grandmothers vintage ornaments
from her latest excursion to the coast.
I could have played with them for hours!
Like shiny candies!
~Vintage Christmas Bulbs~

I'm excited about the chaos that Christmas brings!
My brother & his girlfriend will fly in sometime tomorrow, old family friends coming on Christmas day (it will be a full house...about 12?? of us!) , then my birthday followed by NewYears! hmm...maybe I'll actually stay awake this year to see the New Year in!?
I'll try & pop back in during the holidays ...

Merry Christmas my dear birds!
May your holidays be blessed
& filled with peace & happiness!


Kate said...

Merry Christmas, my dear, sweet Jo!

I hope Santa brings you lots and lots of fun stuff. Get lots of rest and relaxation in and I'll see you in 2009!

rebekka said...

peppermint cupcakes are my favorite at Christmas :)

Kristie said...

uYou are so cute!! Loved all the images - so fun!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!! xo

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