Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ornament Love ...Wherein It's Way Too Early For Xmas!

~New Christmas Ornament/Pendants for your viewing pleasure.~
I say viewing because they will not be in the shop. I need to add some ribbon & perhaps a jingle bell or 2 (or 3) & they will be going to some holiday trunk shows with me. You like? One side is decorated like a wrapped package & you can hang them on your tree or put them on some ribbon or one of those wire necklace things & voila...instant Holiday Spirit!


...and for the next bit of (Johanna works her fingers to the bone) newness...

...what's that you say??? They are rather springy??? I'm not sure who relegated flowers to the spring/summer category of fashion but I say poo on you! They were an experiment that actually worked out quite well & they are here to stay! Most of the colors are fall shades (which you totally cannot tell at all by the terrible last minute sun going down pics) & are meant to be worn all year long (seasons be damned!)! HAH!

These are my absolute favorites. ...probably because they are yummy shades of fall ...all burnt pumpkiny/pinkish hues! Only 2 in these colors until I can restock the vintage enamel flowers.

If I can get some decent pictures taken you might be abe to find them in le shop tomorrow.

you might be pleased to know
(or maybe you're not even slightly interested!?!)
that I was soldering most ot fthe morning
with nary a burn!
I think this is a first!

I did however turn my hands an alarming shade of rust while
adding the patina ...ooopsy ; )

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