Friday, October 24, 2008

Confessions....HSM3 Obsessions

High School Musical...who says we have to let it go...

Yeah, I admit it...I love HSM & No.3 rocks! So of course I pulled the birthday boy
out of school early to see the very first showing...I'm not gonna lie, If the theater hadn't been full of a bunch of kids skipping school (& lots of single women!) ( did I mention it was it was Noon!)
I would have cried my eyes out! Why does High School have to end !?!

...afterward there was lots of dancing to the soundtrack

...& getting your head in the game!


for those of you shaking your head & laughing at me ... I say "we mock that which we don't understand!" &&& For those of you shaking your head because I pulled my son out of school early for a movie... I say "pooo on you you fun killers, A boy only turns 7 once & he missed recess not rocket science!"

Go Wildcats!!


Kate said...

Damn! You're an awesome mom. We weren't allowed out of school EVER. I mean, not even if we were bleeding out our eyes and ears. Lucky boy!

Good Girls Studio said...

thanks Kate! I don't see the big deal in missing 1 day of school here & there, my mom let me & I was a straight A student.

Good Girls Studio said...

oh, & it's not like he asked, totally all my idea :)