Monday, September 1, 2008

Bird Brain

My dearest KJ why do you torture me so
with words & pictures straight out of my soul?
(If she had green eyes she would be me! &
When I saw her saying the words I couldn't articulate
I cried right on into my coffee !)


While we're on the topic of birds
I stumbled upon this piece of greatness
on Etsy this morning...

"The Tailor"by whileshenaps

While this piece didn't move me to tears
(it moved me to check my bank account because
OH MY GOODNESS do I covet it!), this a want or a need !?!

I need her....& by need I mean want very badly!

Run, don't walk or for that matter casually stroll
your fingers along the keyboard
her shop is full of wonderfulness just
waiting for you to buy up for me :)
(like this, or this!)

Happy Labor Day !
Hope you all are playing
& enjoying the last bits of summer!

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