Saturday, July 12, 2008

Treasure Hunting

~~~Off to the flea markets~~~ niece & I are very serious about treasure hunting!

!!!!!The Goods!!!!!

*14K gold filled locket & chain
*1930's relief black cameo
*antique Bucherer watch : sterling w/marcasite
*early 1900's brass mesh bracelet
*1920's iridescent cameo (she almost glows!)
*1920's French packet watch
*vintage brass escutcheons
*vintage rhinestone goodness

Finagling skills getting better every day ! Whooot!

3 comments: said...

Oh the goooods are sooo gooooooood!!!!

Kate said...

Do I dare ask how much you scored all of this wonderful loot for?

Good Girls Studio said... :)

I'll give you some asking prices (that I most definitely did NOT pay!)

*Bucherer watch necklace ... $175. if I fix it, it's worth $300.
*Iridescent Cameo...$120'ish
*Brass mesh antique bracelet...$60
*Black relief cameo...$45

These were all from 1 dealer so after about 45 min of BS'ing w/her she knocked off a huge chunk of $!

I did seriously go over what I budgeted to spend that day... but I couldn't pass it up!