Monday, June 9, 2008

What's In Your Bag???

My mom & I were goofing around tonight & decided to play "what does the contents of your purse say about you?" Never heard of it???( Well we sorta made it up ) She opened one bag & found a pair of glasses that had been MIA for quite some time so we decided to dig into another. We dumped her purse which had been hanging on the back of the door for several month &.....

* a dilapidated tampon which had seen better days (you know you have one too!)
* 2 smashed Luna bars
* a bag of bran ???
* an old hairbrush
* half a roll of antacids
* bran flakes all over the bottom of the bag
* a piece of a chocolate bar ...sans wrapper :)

What does this say about her??? She travels (alot) & has heartburn & perhaps a fiber deficiency???Hilarious!

& so I must dump mine...join me :)
* 2 hotwheels cars
* 2 squished South Beach bars
* a shrinky dink necklace T made
* a bead necklace T made
* random found beads & trinkets (love me some stuff!)
* 3 pairs of sunglasses (wondering where those were!)
* anti diarrhea meds :)
* 7 pens???
* 12 million receipts
* 6 lipsticks (never wear it)
* 3 lip glosses (love it...especially Co Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint)
* restaurant crayons
* floss???
* 1 smashed granola bar
* balloons??
* a superman watch
* business cards & my postcards
& an umbrella

What does this say about me? hmmmm...I have a very big bag & apparently a child who likes to fill it up w/his life, I plan ahead (smashed granola & protein bars & umbrella) , don't like to be caught w/o a pen or in a rain storm, don't take the time to clean out my purse very often & love a good balloon animal??? ...note to self, save a tree & stop getting receipts that I don't need!

...what's in you bag???


Murray said...

THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE GAMES EVER!!! I played this at a bridal shower YEARS ago, and loved it. The contents of my purse are very similar to yours... will post, once I take a better look!

Oh, by the way , how brave of you (and your Mom) to share.

A Fanciful twist said...

My bag. My most valuable jewelry. 10 million receipts, tampons (4), gum, pennies, lotion, busniness cards. Tons of scrap pieces of papers with random jibberish on them... a day timer, dirt... ;) I think I am carrying around a garbage can!!!! haa haaa

Good Girls Studio said...

I love a good garbage can/purse :)

Kate said...

I'd play along but I don't carry a purse. Don't you poor ladies have shoulder/back problems? Jeesh!

Good Girls Studio said...

yes ...over size purse = back probs... but so do my oversized boobs so what ev :)

Kate said...

Girl, don't I know. I loathe my boobs.