Monday, May 19, 2008

The Road to Bethlehem...

Introducing storyteller
~a necklace & a story~

The road to Bethlehem was long & treacherous
...their swords at their sides in case of attack
...only a star to guide them
Can you believe I almost through out this brooch ??? It was in a huge lot of goodies I received from a drear friend & I couldn't fathom what in the world it would possibly become. I love it paired with the Onyx swirls & textured chain. A star (diamond?) studded functioning locket hangs down the back(another gift from a fellow treasure hunter!).

~look for more of the storyteller series coming soon~


Murray said...

Love it, can't wait to see more from your storyteller series either!

Vintage Indie said...

Wow, this is amazing. I love the story necklace what a creative idea.

Good Girls Studio said...

Thank you both for the lovely comments! Searching for more stories to uncover from forgotten treasures!