Friday, April 18, 2008

Sweet Tweet

I'd like to introduce you to my new Best Friends....
...yes, a girl can be BF's w/a pair of earrings! The one on the left is Frank, his twin brother Fred is on the right...they help me out & whisper boy advice in my ears ;)

They are from the wonderful whimsical shop Figs & Ginger which you can find right here also at . I think it's a husband & wife team & they are located in Asheville so we're practically neighbors. ...& if anyone wants to buy me the matching necklace you can find it over here!

**Chantilly Lace**
...this would be one of the goodies I was working on the other day...any ideas for a name for her for the little shop??? I still haven't gotten any sealer for the copper cuff (oops...It was supposed to be a secret! oh'll still have to wait for the finished results!). party rings...coming soon....(now available in the shop!)
**Garden Party No2**
well...cheeky monkees that's all I've got for now.
I'm home from work today (2nd day in a row) with a sick child whose illness consists of being full of crap! Literally! Love an impacted colon! We've had lots of fun w/enemas, laxatives & stool softeners!

**you are sooo jealous of my life right now***


Kate said...

Oh man, I adore those earrings.

On a different note, try mixing a heaping teaspoon of cream of tartar in with a glass of orange juice and have him drink it. Stay close to the potty, though, because, well....WATCH OUT!!! You can mix the C of T with anything, really, but the orange juice masks the bitterness.

Good Girls Studio said...

Thanks for the advise Kate! at this point though..really trying to keep some things in! We're already running to the toilet & not making it... good times good times :)