Monday, April 28, 2008

Stormy Day...

It was storming all day, hence...
~Cloudy Day~

Did you ever imagine something
& then were able to completely
recreate what you saw in your head ??? in love with these! Faceted Carnelian, vintage enamel flowers
(not sure what the obsession is w/them lately but oh how I adore them!),
& sea bamboo carved rose (which I'm thinking is coral but the lady who sold them to me called them sea bamboo which reminds me of baboon ...where am I ,err was I !?!)

...the smallest flower earrings ever! (Think smaller than a chiclet!)

...& last but not least...more La Fleur! (obsessed ...I'm aware!)

I think the dainty earring thing is due in fact to my haircut (which is about to become even shorter next Saturday


Kate said...

Okay, this is all entirely too tempting.

Good Girls Studio said...

that's what I'm here for :)

Murray said...

beautiful, how come I haven't been here before?? I'm going to have to take a good look around after I put the kids to bed.