Saturday, March 22, 2008

Life & Science...but mostly Life

...a photo montage of our day at the
Life & Science Museum of Durham. how his tongue hangs out when he is concentrating Life...dude you are such an ass **snicker snicker**
Life..Tambourine Man
**side note..I sooo wanted push that other kid out of the pic when he wouldn't move! **
Science..centrifugal force or something
(not sure I was paying attention at this point)
Life...I love this pic!
I don't wanna work...just wanna bang on my drums allll day!
Science..butterfly sanctuary.
I actually didn't get all claustrophobic this time!
Life...speeding by to see what's next!

There were also bears & wolves & lemurs & tornadoes & bugs & rocket ships...
& I'm tired just thinking about it! Great start to the weekend!
Hope you cheeky monkees are enjoying your weekend too :)

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Kate said...

I'm jealous. The science museums around here pale in comparison!