Wednesday, February 27, 2008


My dearest Kate tagged me to share an account of 7 random things about me ...I took a poll because my brain is sooo stuck right now I couldn't think of a one!
* I have brown hair that is sometimes kinda red & right now is black
*I am an 'ol lady
*I make jeweleries
*I have teeth
*I'm a mom
*I won't share my computer with my son
*I like to dance in public
* I like to make up songs in public
* I am sometimes embarassing to my son
..."can I be done now mom?"
Hmmm...wonder who I polled for this little game of Tag!?!
(that last one was my contribution!)
& (don't hate me) I favorite Dreamer and the Sweet Sparrow!


PDD said...

Oh no!!! LOL!

Oh, we are in Morrisville now, btw! :)

Kate said...

Now that's a great list. Nicely done.

Good Girls Studio said...

Thank you very much...I'll be here all evening folks :)