Monday, December 10, 2007

They're Shrinky, They're Dinky

Tyler:"Mom, I never knew we could do this! Can we do this everyday?"
Moi:" we can't because shrinky dink paper is expensive !"
We are very easily amused around here! & Yes, we will be making more this afternoon when I pick him up from school ;) Isn't this cute??? He traced his Ben10 box that his toys came in & we made necklaces & key chains & ornaments from them!

...& of course I made cheesy jewelry :)

I do kinda like this pair & might actually have to sport them out in ::gasp:: Public!

A friend of mine informed me you can use take out containers instead of the expensive paper & you get the same result! How's that for upcycling!

1 comment:

Kate said...

You should sell his Shrinky Dinks on Etsy. I can't remember the shop name, but have you seen the little boy who sells his robot drawings? They're amazing and they sell!