Thursday, December 27, 2007

Talent Show

Faint of heart scroll no further! The annual family xmas talent show brought down the house :) My sister & I did a magic show that literally scared some to tears (seriously...Tyler cried for 20 minutes afterward because he thought Aunt Lauren was hurt! Hilarious! When he went to bed that night he whispered in a shaky voice "can we never bring that mean trick up again?!") Soo....introducing the "Great Zanzibar" (for lack of a better name...oh & I kept messing her name up & calling her the "great Zamboni"!) ....Slicing her neck a la David Blain....

Disgusting huh!
I won't tell you how she did it ...heheehee....Can you figure it out?
& on a cute note ....Santa's Helper's Xmas eve !

So there you have it cheeky monkees & a little holiday gore & cheer :) Hope you all had great Christmas...I know I did :)

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Kate said...

Ewwww! That neck thing is awesome! How'd you do it???