Monday, December 3, 2007

Ornament Overboard

Ladies & gentlemen (& fellow cheeky monkees!) The Xmas tree is up! Let the festivities begin! Don't you love the smell of a real tree???? That fresh pine scent whenever you walk into the house! mmmmmmmmmmm! I must note that mother thinks I have lost my mind having a tree up this early...she's more of a mid Dec. tree put er upper! Hmmmm....that must be why I rebel as an adult & put one up as early as possible :)

T adding the finishing touches! ...I must add that for every one he put up I moved 3 of them around because I'm sooo anal about the tree being "balanced" w/the big ornaments on the bottom & small on top ;)

In other weekend news....I went to my first Holiday party of the season & it was an ornament exchange! Don't you hate know, You fuss for hours over ornaments @ the store to pick just the right one & get there & all the other ones are stink'n tacky & you're like "what the heck am I supposed to do w/this glass pickle ornament?!" well.....this wasn't anything like that :) I ended up making an ornament (one for the hostess & one for the exchange) & ended up taking home the stink'n cutest little bird ornament I've ever seen in my entire life (& apparently one that you will never see as I neglected to take it's picture ;) )

One side of the ornament for the hostess...

The back side of it . I made it 3 D & used the ornament pics from the invitation. Let me tell you, she loved it so much she threw a ribbon on it & now wears it around her neck as a pendant !

...& my contribution to the exchange...a "present ...oh I'm just reeking of cleverness now aren't I ;)

I actually had a few requests from other guests for me to make more of these & sell them in the little 'ol shop. I'm taking a poll, is it too late for me to be making & selling these & is the etsy market over loaded w/these cutesy crafts??? I'd have to charge about $12 ($15 for the 3-d ones) because that glass was outrageous & it took a lot of time & solder to make it. Any ideas dearies???

this is the longest post ever, guess I'm making up for my lack of posts! ...ohhh...more news...there will be a medium sized shop update coming this week! Yippee!

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Kate said...

Your tree is sweet! I'm so jealous of anyone with a real tree.

And I'm dying to see your new little bird ornament!