Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Friends....& Old

Fun fun...I went to a local craft fair this weekend ...hmmm, Shoooot can't think of the name of it...oh yes, the crafters flea market???Anyway, I am sooo ever excited to have met Tracy, the owner/designer extraordinaire of Photo Glassworks. Her beautiful glass pendants encase precious photos & artwork. & ***BONUS*** she will be at the Etsy Craft Patch so now I have a friend there & don't have to lie awake at night worrying about that show (which I really shouldn't be doing anyway because dear sweet Yvette is attending with me !) ...did I mention her pendants with birds in them :)

& now...I'm off to go see some of my dearest friends (this would be the old friends portion for those of you NOT paying attention to my post titles!) My Kimmie is in town staying with her sister (who likes to be MIA but I still love anyway because she's fam as far as I'm concerned!) & Tyler hasn't seen his "aunt" Kim since thanksgiving... so off we go, perhaps I will have pics later????

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Corker said...

I received one of her pendants from my sister last Christmas! Small world~!