Tuesday, August 21, 2007

yes...I'm back at work !

So...the boy is back in school & here I am whipping up some new pretties for the shop (in between naps & etsy chatter & emails & online scrabble & ...perhaps I need to get a business action plan & stay away from the computer!)! Well, as you can see , I did whip up a few things today. Hopefully you can meet them in the shop later tonight & tomorrow AM ! They are still waiting for the names ...because if you know me at all...well...everything needs a cute name, except maybe this post ...hmm perhaps I'll change the title to something catchier....like...yeah, I got nothing! Moving on , here's what I've been up to:

& this...
& also this!

Well cheeky monkees...I'm off to put the peanut to bed & hopefully get some work done! Nighty Nite!

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