Friday, August 17, 2007

Where In the World??

Where in the world does he come up with these things???

Moi: T...did you know out of all the cutest things in the world your are #1 !!!(gazing lovingly at her son)
T: & did you know you are the cutest thing too, only your are # sixty eighty!(smirking at his mamma)
Moi:, why??I should be at least # 3! (trying not to be offended by the feisty 5 yr old!)
T: ..because you're a M-O-M ! (eyes rolling)

*I believe sixty eighty = a number greater than 3!
*yes, he had to spell out mom because apparently I am hard headed !

Moi: let's get a good nights sleep so we're not all cranky in the morning & end up gettting spankings! (like This morning herself)
T: touche'!

*where did he learn touche' ... not from me ...cartoon network???Disney???Apparently my 5 yr old speaks in french quips :D

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