Thursday, July 12, 2007

Are Cupcakes a Food Group??

Tyler spent the night at his grandparents last night & I missed his sweet little face so much that I vowed to spend more quality time with him. Time spent ....baking :) Unfortunately I am NOT a baker ...perhaps my creative mind can't wrap around precise measurements ?? No worries, enter Betty Crocker...shoot, I should have taken a pic of the boxed mix ;) Anyway, Tyler sure can measure some water & oil & break an egg. My guilt over the boxed mix set in so ( of course) I had to make it my own...extracts & food coloring in the (canned) icing...sprinkles in the cake mix & pretty decorations on some cake (we ran out of muffin cups!)....

orange extract .... & peppermint extract :)
Tyler loves his sprinkles !
....designs courtesy of Sarah Lee's Semi- Homemade on Food Net work...I actually hate that show but caught her decorating the cutest (store bought! Ha! at least I made(sorta) mine!) cupcakes with toothpicks

Happiness is....a cupcake in hand (& on face!) & a smile on THIS BOYS face! Hope you cheeky monkees had a happy cupcake filled day too ;) ....oh & mom, if you're reading this, ....the answer is yes... the cake WILL be migrating to your house as we swim off the batch of cupcakes we ate instead of veggies with dinner!


capello said...

omg, i hate that show too. seriously, how does she have a show?

and yes, cupcakes are totally a food group. especially good to eat for breakfast too.

Good Girls Studio said...

well then, I don't feel bad having eaten them for dinner & bfast!